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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Small Business Financing

Small business financing is capital for your business success.

Small business financing provides all of the working capital you need for your businesses success. This includes business loans, business credit cards, vendor lines of credit, account receivable factoring, venture capital, and a variety of other funding options. The SBA provides excellent information and programs for small businesses that are in need of capital as well.

The SBA (Small Business Administration) is the leading authority on small business financing. They have no limits on the total loan amount you can request from their approved lender. A couple of criteria have to be met in order for your business to qualify for a SBA loan. As the business owner they want to see that you have invested some of your own money into the business. If they can see that you have stake in the business, they know that you will work harder, and do whatever it takes to make the business successful.

Another criteria for businesses to qualify for an SBA loan is that you have a business plan which shows how the money will be used, and how you can repay the loan. They also want to make sure that your business can earn enough money each month to cover the monthly payments. Another factor they look at is your personal credit score because that is an indication as to what kind of person you are, and it also helps them see positive payment history from you.

One other aspect that is vitally is important is your business credit scores, as those function just like personal credit scores, but they are for your business instead. Our programs can show you step-by-step how to properly setup your business credit.