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Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Funding Status Offers Fast, Easy and Affordable Business or Personal Funding

My Funding Status LLC is a business and personal funding consultation firm that has taken the much-required initiative to simplify and accelerate the process of getting funding for different needs.

The company’s online funding application service allows U.S residents to apply for funding by answering a few questions and fulfilling some requirements, all of which can be done online.

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My Funding Status offers a variety of funding solutions for different needs:

• Unsecured Personal Credit Program (Revolving Accounts) – The Company’s most popular personal product. Used for a variety of personal and business needs. Typical clients receive between 4-8 different Lines of Credit with our different lending partners.

• Credit Based Funding – Personal and Business – Great for Start-ups and Real Estate Investors, $20,000 – $200,000+ in Funding, Funding based on the strength of Personal Credit, 680 scores or better, Equifax Only funding possible. Funding in 7-14 days. 0% interest on most revolving lines for the first 12-months.

• Fix and Flip Loans – Real Estate Professionals, open Line of Credit for investors doing 4-6 deals per year consistently. Up to 90% Loan to Purchase on Rehabs. Access to Hard Money lender network.

• Revenue Based Funding – Loans up to $800,000, NOT based off credit cards sales, Personal Credit is NOT a factor, Line of Credit Options possible. NO Personal Guarantee. Funding in 3-5 days. Minimum $10,000/mo deposits into a business bank account.

• Account Receivable and Purchase Order Funding – Factoring of A/R, Lines of credit based on existing A/R or Purchase Order contracts. Great for Health Care Professionals (Factoring of Medicaid, Medicare, Worker’s Comp, etc.). Great resources for International A/R funding. Government Contractor.

• Equipment Funding Startups okay. The application only lending possible based on personal credit and business history.

• Commercial and Multi-Family Real Estate Funding Purchase, Refinance and Development funding resources. Asset-based funding possible.

• Private Debt/Equity Funding – Will require Debt and Equity position from the capital resource. 10% reserve of funding amount required by the client.

To make it easier for their users, My Funding Status have also introduced to their website a quick questionnaire through which users are able to find the specific type of funding, either personal or business would match their needs. The six question long questionnaire has been created to allow startups, existing businesses, medical professionals, real estate investors and entrepreneurs to get funding option that would ultimately benefit their unique situation.

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